We’re in recovery mode right now, (we drove to Canberra after our march) so we’re catching up on the messages on this page, reacquainting ourselves with our families, having a cup of tea and doing some washing and trying to get our speaking voices back. Thank you all of you for coming into Melbourne from all over the state on Sunday and making your voices heard. You/we are not alone! So call your local MPs tell them what you want, tell them why you marched and make your voices heard. Tony Abbott didn’t know about the marches (bit of a worry makes you wonder about his intel  ) You call him and tell him why you marched! Thank you everyone ~ Melbourne team  

Here are Tony Abbott’s phone numbers: 
Parliament office (02) 6277 7700 Fax (02) 6273 4100 Electorate Office (02) 9977 6411 Fax (02) 9977 8715

Some of the footage of the speakers.